About me!

Name: Kauna 

Hobbies: Tennis, doodling, and cooking/baking

T.V. Shows I like: umbrella academy, cooking shows more…

Favorite food: don’t have one ✌🏿

Favorite book author 📚 : Lynda Mullally Hunt, Raina Telgemier

Favorite games: ROBLOX, Among us

Want to try: bungee jumping 

Favorite thing to do during COVID-19: Spend time with family and play online with my friends

Desserts I like: Berry tart, Froyo/ice cream

Things I like doing: looking at $10 million houses, seeing my friends, looking at old photos

Favorite holiday: Christmas!

What I like about Christmas 🎄: I like the vibe, and seeing the Christmas tree with presents, and decorating the outside of my house, and making desserts with my family

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