Christmas Movies to Watch this Year!

🎄Christmas Movies to watch this year!🎄

  • Noelle 🛷 really interesting and fun to watch with your family!

    This movie is about a girl named Noelle and her dad is Santa Claus! As time passed, her dad passed away, and her brother was to inherit being Santa. It was almost Christmas and Noelle’s brother was gone.

I love this movie because it’s really funny. I also like how they made the characters live in Santa’s Village. 

  • How the Grinch stole Christmas (2008)☃️

   (Both the first and the second one tell the same story but the 2018 version is animated.)

This movie is about a Grinch. Ever since his bad Christmas experience, he figured he should ruin Christmas for everyone. Will he be successful with stealing Christmas, or will someone change his mind?

This movie is something me and my sister watch every year, and I really like watching it even though we’ve watched it a lot.

  • How the Grinch stole Christmas (2018)🎄

This movie is interesting and the animated part made it look a lot newer.

  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 🦌🔴

Rudolph is a reindeer treated really bad by the other reindeer because he has a red nose.

I used to watch this movie so much but I haven’t watched it in a while but ⚠️beware⚠️ this movie may be scary for little kids.

  • Elf 🧝🏼

An elf finds his dad and is not familiar with the world his dad lives in (because he lived in Santa’s Village) but his dad does not remember him. Will his dad accept him living with him?

  • The Princess Switch 👸🏻

This movie is about a baker and a soon-to-be queen finding each other and seeing how alike they look and want to see how it would feel to be each other. Will people figure out who they really are, or fall in love with people who think they’re someone else? 

This movie is something I watched with my mom one year and the second one came out so we watched it together, and every time she watches it she says “ I love this movie, it’s my favorite.” Or “Let’s watch it!” I really recommend this movie. ( it can be found on Netflix same with the second one!)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Movies to Watch this Year!”

  1. I have watched all of those exept for The Princess Switch. You’re right, they’re all so good! Have you ever watched The Christmas Chronicles?
    It’s about a brother and sister. The brother steals a car and the sister catches him on camera. The sister promises not to tell their mom, but only if the brother helps her try to catch Santa. But their trap works a little to well…
    It’s really good! There are two in the series.

  2. Oooh! All of these movies look amazing! I have watched a few of them, but the movie Noelle and Elf sound really good!

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