The Sun is Also a Star 💫

The Sun is Also a Star ​by Nicola Yoon is about a girl named Natasha and a boy named Daniel. Natasha is 17 years old and was born in Jamaica, but moved to new york when she was really young. She has a big relationship with her father. Then he was found driving drunk, and when the police found him, they saw that the family visa had expired and soon enough they would have to go. When Natasha grew up she got a call telling her she would be deported. Daniel has high expectations in his life, and his parents expect the most from him, because his brother was already kicked out of an ivy league school. So Daniel has a Yale interview the day Natasha figures out she has to get deported. He’s walking on the sidewalk and sees a girl he saw earlier and a car’s about to hit her. He pulls her away breaking her headphones, and asks if he can make it up to her by buying her coffee. When they’re at the coffee place Daniel asks Natasha if he can make her fall in love with him in one day with ​science​

The Sun is Also a Star is one of my favorite books now because of all the events that happen, and the both peoples perspective. I also liked how they have different expectations in their life, and are from two very different places. And the things that they never told each other. It’s just really nice getting to see how they think about the stuff that happens in this book. I also liked how Nicoloa Yoon put lots of similes, descriptions, and memories.
If you like realistic fiction,romance stories this book would be interesting to you. You should read this book if you’re about 11-12 years or older, because it does have some language.

9 thoughts on “The Sun is Also a Star 💫”

  1. I really liked your review! You did a good job giving details but not giving away the story. I liked how you said people who like realistic fiction and romance would like this book. Overall your review was great and really made me want to read The Sun is Also a Star!

  2. I loved how much action you put into your review of the book. It makes it exciting and suspenseful. I will definitely be adding The Sun is Also a Star to my books I what to read list!

  3. I agree, Kauna, that Nicola Yoon writes beautifully. I thought this would be a sappy love story but it wasn’t! It is a good book to think about whether things happen by accident or because they are fate.

  4. This is amazing. You managed to explain the book without spoiling everything. I hope I can read this book in the near future!

  5. I really like your review! I felt like I was reading the book all over again with your description of the characters! 😊 ☀️ ⭐️

  6. This was such a good review! You made the book sound wonderful, and you didnt give away any spoilers! I’ll be sure to check that book out!

  7. I loved how you gave detail on exactly why you liked that part of the book. Really makes me want to read it!

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