To all the boys I Loved Before

Lara Jean was an average girl in high school until the love notes. To all the boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han Is a great book (and also a movie!) It’s about a girl who’s love notes from YEARS ago went out to the people she wrote them to. Find out who found and sent her notes out? How will everyone react reading them? Read this book to find out.

To all the boys I Loved Before Is an amazing story. Laura Jean has to face so many difficulties that she didn’t even know was coming. Figure out who sent these letters out  and why. One of my favorite parts is Lara Jean’s reaction to them all seeing the letters, and how the people who got them reacted.

If you really enjoy realistic fiction/Drama/romance you will love this story and will not want to put this book down. This book is totally recommended. It includes a lot of interesting and nice characters like her family. It’s fun going with Lara Jean through her journey in this horrible situation!


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