“Man must care for himself before he can help others.”

I started thinking of this ⬆️ statement.

     The reason I agree with this statement is because, thinking of another example like, you hurt yourself or, when Salva had water and others didn’t because they ran out, and were about to die. That would be when I would give something even if I needed it.
      The reason I don’t agree is because If someone was about to die and I was doing Okay but still needed what I have, I would give them some of whatever I had left and help.

     So I would say it depends on what the situation is. There are just so many different situations that could be in both ways. What do you think?

To all the boys I Loved Before

Lara Jean was an average girl in high school until the love notes. To all the boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han Is a great book (and also a movie!) It’s about a girl who’s love notes from YEARS ago went out to the people she wrote them to. Find out who found and sent her notes out? How will everyone react reading them? Read this book to find out.

To all the boys I Loved Before Is an amazing story. Laura Jean has to face so many difficulties that she didn’t even know was coming. Figure out who sent these letters out  and why. One of my favorite parts is Lara Jean’s reaction to them all seeing the letters, and how the people who got them reacted.

If you really enjoy realistic fiction/Drama/romance you will love this story and will not want to put this book down. This book is totally recommended. It includes a lot of interesting and nice characters like her family. It’s fun going with Lara Jean through her journey in this horrible situation!


The Sun is Also a Star 💫

The Sun is Also a Star ​by Nicola Yoon is about a girl named Natasha and a boy named Daniel. Natasha is 17 years old and was born in Jamaica, but moved to new york when she was really young. She has a big relationship with her father. Then he was found driving drunk, and when the police found him, they saw that the family visa had expired and soon enough they would have to go. When Natasha grew up she got a call telling her she would be deported. Daniel has high expectations in his life, and his parents expect the most from him, because his brother was already kicked out of an ivy league school. So Daniel has a Yale interview the day Natasha figures out she has to get deported. He’s walking on the sidewalk and sees a girl he saw earlier and a car’s about to hit her. He pulls her away breaking her headphones, and asks if he can make it up to her by buying her coffee. When they’re at the coffee place Daniel asks Natasha if he can make her fall in love with him in one day with ​science​

The Sun is Also a Star is one of my favorite books now because of all the events that happen, and the both peoples perspective. I also liked how they have different expectations in their life, and are from two very different places. And the things that they never told each other. It’s just really nice getting to see how they think about the stuff that happens in this book. I also liked how Nicoloa Yoon put lots of similes, descriptions, and memories.
If you like realistic fiction,romance stories this book would be interesting to you. You should read this book if you’re about 11-12 years or older, because it does have some language. Continue reading The Sun is Also a Star 💫

Christmas Movies to Watch this Year!

🎄Christmas Movies to watch this year!🎄

  • Noelle 🛷 really interesting and fun to watch with your family!

    This movie is about a girl named Noelle and her dad is Santa Claus! As time passed, her dad passed away, and her brother was to inherit being Santa. It was almost Christmas and Noelle’s brother was gone.

I love this movie because it’s really funny. I also like how they made the characters live in Santa’s Village. 

  • How the Grinch stole Christmas (2008)☃️

   (Both the first and the second one tell the same story but the 2018 version is animated.)

This movie is about a Grinch. Ever since his bad Christmas experience, he figured he should ruin Christmas for everyone. Will he be successful with stealing Christmas, or will someone change his mind?

This movie is something me and my sister watch every year, and I really like watching it even though we’ve watched it a lot.

  • How the Grinch stole Christmas (2018)🎄

This movie is interesting and the animated part made it look a lot newer.

  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 🦌🔴

Rudolph is a reindeer treated really bad by the other reindeer because he has a red nose.

I used to watch this movie so much but I haven’t watched it in a while but ⚠️beware⚠️ this movie may be scary for little kids.

  • Elf 🧝🏼

An elf finds his dad and is not familiar with the world his dad lives in (because he lived in Santa’s Village) but his dad does not remember him. Will his dad accept him living with him?

  • The Princess Switch 👸🏻

This movie is about a baker and a soon-to-be queen finding each other and seeing how alike they look and want to see how it would feel to be each other. Will people figure out who they really are, or fall in love with people who think they’re someone else? 

This movie is something I watched with my mom one year and the second one came out so we watched it together, and every time she watches it she says “ I love this movie, it’s my favorite.” Or “Let’s watch it!” I really recommend this movie. ( it can be found on Netflix same with the second one!)

About me!

Name: Kauna 

Hobbies: Tennis, doodling, and cooking/baking

T.V. Shows I like: umbrella academy, cooking shows more…

Favorite food: don’t have one ✌🏿

Favorite book author 📚 : Lynda Mullally Hunt, Raina Telgemier

Favorite games: ROBLOX, Among us

Want to try: bungee jumping 

Favorite thing to do during COVID-19: Spend time with family and play online with my friends

Desserts I like: Berry tart, Froyo/ice cream

Things I like doing: looking at $10 million houses, seeing my friends, looking at old photos

Favorite holiday: Christmas!

What I like about Christmas 🎄: I like the vibe, and seeing the Christmas tree with presents, and decorating the outside of my house, and making desserts with my family